Webb’s Auction Claes Oldenburg “Pretzels” Via Facebook App BuddyBid

New Zealand art auction house Webb’s is auctioning five Claes OldenburgN.Y.C Pretzel” snacks via the Facebook-only auction app BuddyBid – an app co-founded by Webb’s managing director Neil Campbell.


BuddyBid was launched in May 2012 as a means of “solving the need for brand owners to better monetize their social communities in a more engaging and viral way.” One of the early supporters of BuddyBid was Internet mogul Kim Dotcom who promised to consign a blow-up military tank and a set off life-size Star Wars storm trooper figures.


“We’ve built a simple and transparent auction platform that lives within the most connected and communicative environment to have ever existed,” explains Campbell. “Combine this with the simple truth that goodwill and trust between people makes for better dealings, and you have BuddyBid.”


BuddyBid has the potential to become a major platform for the sale of fine art online. As more businesses embrace the benefits of social media, the demand for greater exposure via social media platforms such as Facebook can only increase. Expect to see more art being auctioned via BuddyBid in the near future.


The unlimited Claes Oldenburg “N.Y.C Pretzel” edition was originally released by I.C. Editions and David Platzker in 1994. Each pretzel has been laser cut from three-ply cardboard then screenprinted toast brown and flecked with white salt by Brand X. To bid on the five Claes Oldenburg “N.Y.C Pretzel” snacks visit the BuddyBid website here.


Source: http://au.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/933348/webbs-auction-claes-oldenburg-pretzels-via-facebook-app