Drive retail sales, engagement and insights.
Leverage social media to transact with customers in their preferred social space.
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Install BuddyBid into your social accounts to natively transact inside of social media.
Reduce purchase friction, and scale with data-driven targeting and organic peer-to-peer reach with every transaction.

Social Strategy with Real Returns.

List and transact inside social to drive a new revenue channel

BuddyBid is a commerce channel that plugs into your social presence and allows you to sell, auction and transact inside of social media. Grow revenue from new and existing customers by reducing frictions to conversion, enabling peer-to-peer purchase endorsements and using granular insights to maximise your social media investment.

Engineer purchase word of mouth.

Every bid or purchase is a brand endorsement between friends

With the transaction occurring natively in social, purchases, engagements and auction bids spread virally between friends.

Actionable Insights and Data

Granular insights and reporting to surface, track and retarget high value consumer groups.

Track conversion, engagement and sales metrics across your products/audiences to optimise for revenue, engagement and data goals.  Download all data at any time (emails, User IDs, bid/purchase history etc).  Identify high value buyer profiles and mechanically scale to maximise returns on your social investment.
Increase Your Marketing Efficiency

Dollar for dollar, social is the most efficient channel for connecting with your target audience. Target only those who match your ideal customer profile, include/exclude current or past customers, test cheaply and scale based on traction.

Surface New, Current and Dormant Customers

Consumer churn is often due to a change in circumstance, as opposed to a negative experience. Use your data sets to find and win new and dormant customers with message customised to their buyer profile. Understand who your high value customers are, then target new buyers with matching traits.

Complete Monthly Analytics

Get full analytics and reporting to keep a finger on the pulse of which consumer groups are delivering. Use insights to optimize your social ROI and adjust tactics throughout your business.

Build New Revenue Streams

Build an increasingly efficient channel of revenue that engineers word-of-mouth around your brand. Understand the best converting pockets of demand and scale them throughout all aspects of your business.

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